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Registered in England and Wales.

Company Number: 10057297

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Chestnut Nursery has grown and branched out in lots of different directions since it opened in September 2012. We now have three rooms at The Chestnut Centre and to wother nurseries, Community House Pre School which is situated on Town Avenue just off Leeds Road and Aspire Nursery in Golcar.

The nursery staff and the environment are constantly changing and evolving to help to meet the needs of the children and families that we care for.  Our most recent change took place after a detailed parent/carer consultation and a carefully planned transition was to have a dedicated room for the 2 year old children, Rising 2’s and a Pre-School Room for the 3’s and over.  This change has been a huge success with everyone involved.

The manager, Claire McGlynn and her team will provide your child/children with a happy, secure and stimulating environment where we can nurture their social and emotional development and provide a broad and balanced curriculum, appropriately planned to offer a wide range of learning experiences. While helping them grow and develop their own interests and opinions.

All our staff are professional and trained to an exceptionally high standard. They are also caring, compassionate and will always provide you with top quality child care.

We operate a key person system and hold regular opportunities for parents to come in and experience a day in your child’s life at nursery where you can discuss your child’s progress and see what they do in a regular day!

We also keep a nursery file of your child’s work and progress whilst at nursery. This is always available and we encourage parents to look at it, take it home at anytime and also contribute to it.