Our baby room is designed for children up to 24 months and the environment is an exciting one, with lots of different textures, smells and sounds along with songs, rhymes and stories. The babies will also be able to enjoy and explore our wonderful outdoor area.

The baby room and staff are warm and friendly producing a homely feel.  We work very closely with parents and carers to ensure a smooth transition into nursery and positive experience for everyone involved. We take care to ensure that sleeping and feeding habits mirror those at home.  We provide a daily record book to record meals, sleeps, nappy changes and your baby’s activities and achievements.

We have a fridge in the room to keep milk cool, we also have a steriliser. Children’s individual bottles and cups are always labelled.


Baby Room

This room is a fun, and exciting sociable place where your child will have the space to become more confident and develop their independence.


The children are encouraged to investigate and experiment with new materials, messy play, sounds and movement both indoors and out.

The activities and equipment are chosen to stimulate curiosity and develop language skills as well as supporting social skills and physical development. There are well equipped areas for all activities ranging from painting and water play to role play and reading as well as quiet areas where your child can rest or sleep.

Please could parents bring a small bag with your child’s spare clothes and belongings in to put on their peg.

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